Magoula is a small village in the center of the ancient city of Sparta, in the Peloponnese region. One of the most beautiful products to come out of Sparta are the Athenolia, Koroneiki and Kalamata olives. The deep purple and green, almond-shaped delicacies are hand picked by members of the Cokinos family. With a light flavor and beautiful olive color, Cokinos Olive Oil is unlike any other. 

Our Traditions

Constantine Gus Vlahos was born in Greece in 1861 and lived in Sparta. In the late 1800s he immigrated to America with his family and lived in the Houston, Texas area. Michael Cokinos purchased an olive orchard in the region his great-grandfather was raised so he could preserve his olive-growing traditions. Great care is taken to preserve the knowledge and passion for creating extra virgin olive oil that he would be proud to share.

the best olives create the best oil

For thousands of years, olives have been a part of Mediterranean life in more ways than one. When olive oil first appeared around 2500 B.C. it was used for a variety of purposes, including non-culinary purposes. Olive oil’s versatility ranged from it’s use in rituals, as an ointment, and as a moisturizer.

The Ancient Greeks believed the goddess Athena gifted Greece with the olive tree, and named their capital, Athens, after her because of it. Homer referred to olive oil as a “liquid gold.”

Distinctively Cokinos

When the select few choose to indulge in the finest oil to come out of Laconia, they set themselves apart. Cokinos products are exclusive delicacies, a rare find reserved for those who are able to uphold higher standards for their oil. 

Cokinos Organic Produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil is anything but ordinary. Handcrafted, supple, and grown to be the ultimate ingredient for your cooking needs. Browse through the recipes on our site to find a variety of ways our fine products can be used in your kitchen and at your table. Those who indulge are sure to be satisfied.